According to statistics, in December 2019, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the State Commission reported information on nearly 80 cadre cases, of which four were in charge of the cadres, and 21 were cadres of the Party and state organs, state-owned enterprises and financial units at the first level of the Central Committee, which far exceeded November, reaching a new high in 2019. In addition,53 provincial cadres were investigated in December, an increase in the number of month-on-month.


By the end of the year, the website of the State Supervision and Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has set up a special area for the supervision and reporting of \"four winds\" issues, so that one node, one node, one case, one case, one case, one case, one case, one case, one case, one case, one case, one case, one case, one case, one case, one case, one, one case, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one,


On December 1,2019, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission made public that, in the eight typical cases investigated and dealt with during the thematic education period, many other cadres had fallen on the illegal eating, drinking and eating cards.


On the same night that the Ninth Inspection Group of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee was stationed in Xushui District of Baoding City,28 leading cadres in the district had a dinner in two groups of enterprises within the jurisdiction, including two county-level cadres, including deputy district heads,10 township party committee secretaries, mayors and 14 section-level cadres.


Afterwards, the Xushui District Committee and the district government were ordered to make a profound inspection; Su Shufeng, secretary of the District Committee, and Li Zhiyong, deputy secretary of the District Committee and district chief, were severely warned by the party, respectively, and Su Shufeng was removed from the post of district party secretary.


On December 3,2019, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, reported the results of the special rectification \"smoke card\" action,29 units,72 party members and cadres handed in \"smoke card \"273, and returned to the illegal fund of 10,000 yuan.


The "“cigarette card "is marked with a number, indicating the information of" value × thousands of yuan "or" so-and-so brand cigarette × strip ", which is convenient and small, and packaging "decent ", and its" quasi-cash "function has become a tool for some people to illegally receive gift money and even carry out the transfer of benefits.


Xie xime, former director of the executive board of the changzhou intermediate people's court, has received more than 400,000 yuan of \"smoke cards \", accounting for more than a third of the amount involved in the case. Each \"cigarette card\" can be exchanged for five, ten, and dozens of cigarettes. After rectification, party members and cadres on the \"'smoke card' is the'corruption card', the card is the collection of cash,\" a consensus has been formed.


By December 4,2019, the seven-year anniversary of the promulgation of the eight central provisions. In the past seven years, China has investigated and dealt with ten thousand mental problems in violation of the eight regulations of the Central Committee, mainly focusing on the five categories of performance, namely, the illegal payment of subsidies or welfare benefits, the illegal use of official vehicles, the illegal receipt of gifts, the illegal consumption of public funds and the celebration of weddings and funerals and funerals.


Under serious investigation and punishment, the unhealthy tendencies on the face basically stopped, the party style, the government style, the social style unceasingly improved. But also to see, some violations of discipline \"upgrade renovation \", some new trends and new performance. For example,\" do not eat public funds to eat the boss \", through WeChat, electronic transfer and other ways to receive gifts, private use of buses and so on, which reflects the \"four winds\" problem is stubborn, complex, the hidden danger of rebound back to the tide still exists.


On December 10,2019, Zhang Shanghua, former party group member and deputy mayor of Bazhong Municipal Government of Sichuan Province, was expelled from the Party and public office. The reporter noted that Zhang Shanghua had won the title of \"Secretary of the National Outstanding County Party Committee \".


In the organizational structure of our Party and the structure of state power, the key link at the county level connecting the preceding with the following is an important basis for economic development, ensuring people's livelihood and maintaining stability.


However, up to now, there have been five \"excellent county party secretary \". In addition to Zhang Shanghua, there are Feng Zhendong, former head of the Shaanxi Provincial Ecological Environment Department, Dong Jinming, former director of the Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Protection and Utilization Administration, Ma Zhihong, former standing committee member of the Guyuan Municipal Committee of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and Ma Zhihong, former secretary of the Xiji County Committee, and Wang Yongzheng, former standing committee member and propaganda minister of the Tai'an District of Shandong Province.


Liu guohong, a former member of the standing committee and head of the united front department of shenzhen's pingshan district, who was prosecuted in december, was a \"snow hero\" who had touched countless people, but eventually became a wealth collector, with a path of depravity.


Liu Guohong took the initiative to apply for service in Tibet in the early years and has made military achievements many times in 17 years. He had been besieged by wolves for five days and nights, only by urine to continue life, showing the steel will of Chinese soldiers.


In the face of temptations, the veteran gradually lost his true colors. From taking $100,000 in cash for the first time with trepidation to accepting huge bribes, he ended up in jail.


Also being investigated in december were liu jie, who declared that he was \"refusing to accept gifts and not eating invitations \". The former deputy director of the Inner Mongolia Ordos City Public Security Bureau, also no lack of \"war work \": Rongli personal first-class meritorious service 1, second-class meritorious service 2, third-class meritorious service 6 times, was appraised as\" autonomous region people satisfied police \", but also was awarded the national super outstanding people's police honorary title, solved many important cases.


Advanced benchmarking reduced to corrupt elements, fully explained that the credit book is not \"safe \", comprehensive strict administration of the party for a moment cannot relax, the party style and clean government construction will always be on the way.


Some cadres also regard honour as corrupt capital, considering themselves as \"advanced and typical, the organization considers the political influence will not move easily \", the inner mongolia autonomous region Bayannur city linhe district former district chief xue weilin is one example.


“I thought it would be a minor problem to make mistakes as long as they were successful in their work and not to kill them. After the fall of the horse, he was distressed," by the results of the mistakes of the greater harm."


In December's circular on cadres in charge of disciplinary violations, Yang Keqin, former party group secretary and chief procurator of the Jilin Provincial People's Procuratorate,\" lost his morals and his family style,\" and Yunguang, former standing committee member of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee and former secretary of the Hohhot Municipal Committee,\" lost his family style and lost his education for his spouse and children.


Check the leading cadres who have been investigated in recent years," people around "become high frequency words. For example, Qin Guangrong, former secretary of the Yunnan Provincial Committee, said that "home style is corrupt, spouse and children are out of control, and relatives are allowed to use their position for personal gain "; Li Qingkui, former secretary of the party group of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd.," long-term neglect of family management and education "; Meng Hongwei, former vice-minister member of the Ministry of Public Security," home style is corrupt, taking advantage of the influence of his wife's position, and conniving at his wife's use of his authority for special personal gain "; and Xie Ming, deputy governor of the former party committee of the Chongqing Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China," home style is not indulgent to the lost management of his children ”……



General Secretary Xi Jinping has stressed that \"we should manage our own life circle, communication circle and entertainment circle \". Party members and cadres do not live in a \"vacuum \", always face various tests, which requires that their own\" three circles \", to prevent the deterioration of the home style become a fuse of corruption.


Li Hong, a former member of the standing committee of the county party committee and secretary of the political and legal committee in Longchuan County, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province, warned in a warning education film recently:\" I am the head of the family, who is at the helm of the family and does not have a good rudder. His wife and brother-in-law were so short-sighted that they could not see these dangers. But the measure I have taken is so feeble that I have lost all my family.


Leading cadres home-style wrong, out of control of education, indulgence to the people around, the results of the carbuncle into a disease, both harmed themselves and their families. Building a good home style is a fine tradition of our party and a compulsory course for the broad masses of party members and cadres.


Chen Yuhui, former secretary of the former working committee of Zhai Shang Street in Binhai New District of Tianjin,\" hugged \"more than 300 million money, love and fear of ill-gotten wealth, and lay a lot of cash under the bed. Its case report pointed out that Chen Yuhui \"six disciplines\" all broken,\" seven have it \"almost all occupied, is Tianjin Binhai New Area since the establishment of the largest number of cadres involved in the department.


The media reported that chen yu-hui tried to enter the \"circle \", with a variety of tactics attached to the\" circle master \", north yanbian eat dog meat, south north sea taste seafood. Because of too much greed, even the bribe merchants rated \"eat not pay attention to \".


Jiang Wei, former party group secretary and former director of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Quanzhou County, Guilin City, Guangxi, has been accused of taking advantage of his position and accepting 8.77 million yuan in bribes and 10 years and six months in prison.


The legal representative of Jinqiao Health Service Center in the industrial agglomeration area of Zhumadian City, Henan Province, the former director Liu Mou Fang, is also a typical example of small officials'huge greed. He used his position to facilitate the embezzlement of more than five million yuan of public funds and was sentenced to 13 years'imprisonment.


Shulan City, Jilin Province low-rent housing and comfortable housing management center former science staff Wang Yuan, fraud low-rent housing subsidies more than 4.58 million yuan. At the time of his arrest, more than 3.4 million yuan had been squandered. An ordinary officer who defrauded a large amount of public funds because he regarded the work loophole as a \"black hole\" of corruption, successively used the file number of 70 forged or disqualified persons, returned bank passbooks and bank cards and other false information to make repeated declarations and apply for subsidies.


Also through work loopholes, Hunan Province Hengdong County Yang Linzhen village account management center former cashier Tan Peng embezzled more than 1 million yuan. Colleagues sigh:\" usually looked quite honest a young boy.\" Yang Linzhen village account management center accounting cashier long-term by Tan Peng one person concurrently, the unit seal also by its custody, plus Yang Linzhen financial office responsible person is irresponsible, long-term lack of supervision of funds, resulting in the village account management center accounts by one of his \"decision-making \", let him have the opportunity.


Small officials and huge corruption is a serious erosion of the grass-roots political ecology, serious damage to the image of party members and cadres, party discipline and state law will never allow small officials and huge corruption phenomenon, greedy cadres will be severely punished.


Reporters found that local departments are actively carrying out a return visit education, leading the cadres to open the knot, encourage them to work in the post, positive action. To the outstanding performance according to discipline according to the law to continue to use or even promote reuse, truly achieve \"learn from past mistakes to save people \".


“Those who have been punished are most afraid of being discriminated against, fearing that the leaders have an opinion of themselves, have no face in front of their colleagues, and fear that if they are punished, the future will basically end. Many cadres will be punished, there will be psychological baggage, resulting in depression, poor work.


The return visit education to the punished party members and cadres is not only an effective way to do well the ideological transformation of the punished personnel, but also a concrete embodiment of the care and help to the punished personnel.


For example, Qingxin District, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, Sankeng Town Party member cadres Li Mou, rooted in the grass roots for 28 years, has been the town's business backbone. After being punished for violating work discipline and incorruptible discipline, the psychological burden has been solved, always feel like \"white paper dipped in ink \".


During the return visit, the staff of the Discipline Inspection Commission talked to Li Mou many times with heart-to-heart, and patiently conducted guidance:\" No one is impressed by you, so long as you face up to mistakes, learn lessons, and change is a good comrade. \"After many conversations, Li Mou from the heart realized that\" the organization did not give up on me, feel very warm.\"


In the same way, li shunhua, chief accountant of the financial bureau of dazhu county in dazhou, sichuan province, said with emotion after receiving a return visit education,\" after being punished, both fear inferiority complex and great pressure, is the organization's return visit education to help me solve the knot, regain self-confidence, and get a'new'.\"


Local discipline inspection and supervision organs fully consider the characteristics of the punishment personnel, tailor-made return visit program to ensure that every punishment personnel can feel the care of the organization. For outstanding personnel, continue to use or even promote reuse.


Xu Cunzu, secretary of the party group and director of the Bureau of Statistics of the Huadu District of Guangdong Province, was a member of the former Xinhua Street Party Working Committee and deputy director of the street office in Huadu District during his term of office. Punishment did not affect his enthusiasm for doing business, he actively carried out his duties, focusing on promoting the construction of green financial street, conscientiously perform the duties of river chief, was later named Guangzhou excellent river chief.


For the punishment of the expiration of the period of outstanding performance of the cadres, Guangzhou City resolutely use. Since 2018, a total of 6293 people have been returned to the punishment staff in guangdong province,129 of whom have been promoted or reused by the organization after the period.


Return visits to education to help \"fall cadres,\" pull up\" drop-out cadres,\" play a \"return visit to one person, education a group, affect a piece of the effect,\" but also a strong response to\" do more wrong,\"\" do not do well \"and other wrong tone, really gather the strong positive energy of doing business.